Airshow 2017 flyin visitors are welcome!

Take in the whole event - Plan to arrive on the 10th and leave on the 13th!
Camping with or near your aircraft will be available at both places.  Transportation will be available to and from the Airport.

Shoal Lake Regional Airport

All visitor tie downs will be on grass - bring your tie downs and ropes!
Towing tofrom tie down areas will be encouraged and sometimes required.
Camp by your aircraft but it will not be accessible during the Airshow since parking will be between the crowd line and the runway.
There will be a port-a-potty in the tiedown area and washrooms in the terminal.
Fuel and oil will be available only on arrival to facilitate timely  departures.
There is free wifi in the terminal building for flight planning on your own devices.

The runway will close at 14:00 CDT (2:00 pm) on July 12.  Be sure to check the NOTAMs!!

Airspace restricted for the Snowbirds show from 23:00Z (18:00/6:00 pm CDT) until 03:00Z (21:00/10:00 pm CDT), again check the NOTAM.  Departures may be limited by daylight for day VFR pilots.  Be prepared to spend the night - bring camping gear!

Seaplane Base

Prior arrangements MUST be made for using the base on July 10, 11, 12 and 13.
There is some space at the dock which is shared with boats.
Be prepared to beach and tie down your aircraft if there is no space at the dock.
Fuel and oil can be supplied on arrival by prior arrangement.
There is a campground with washrooms and showers adjacent to the base.

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