Airshow 2017 Program Participants

Canadian Forces Snowbirds

For over 50 years the Snowbirds have been entertaining crowds throughout North America with their shows while serving as ambassadors of the Canadian Forces and Canada.  In their only 2017 show in Manitoba you'll see manoeuvers at very close quarters as they form unique shapes with their aircraft and their smoke trails.  You will see head-on passes right in front of the crowd line.  And you may be surprised by the roar of their engines when you don't expect it!

Bill Carter Aerobatics

Bill Carter set the tone when he arrived in Shoal Lake for Airshow '92 full of enthusiasm and excitement.  Bill flew again in 2002 and immediately replied to an early email that he'd be here in 2017!  Bill is a Killarney native, now a retired Air Canada pilot and still actively involved in aviation and aerobatics in his Pitts.  Bill's show includes loops, rolls, hammerheads, tail slides, and knife-edge flypasts as well as his signature ribbon cuts.

Pete Mcleod

Pete was raised in Red Lake, ON and began flying the family plane on his Dad's lap at a very early age.  He learned to fly on floats and skiis earning his PPL at age 16 at Harv's Air in Steinbach.  He went on to get his commercial, float plane rating and aerobatic flight instructor rating at 18.  His success in aerobatic competition led to an invitation to attend the Red Bull Air Race camp where he was selected for the 2009 racing season, the youngest ever and the only Canadian so far.  We are very excited about his participation in our Airshow!

Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum Aircraft

The CATPM is a gem in Brandon, Manitoba with a collection including many historical documents, vehicles, aircraft on static display and flying and the RCAF WWII Memorial.  The historical flying aircraft include a Harvard, a Cornell, a Stinson and a Tiger Moth.  Whichever attend will provide a very educational flypast for those not familiar with these aircraft. 

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