Our Volunteers

In one sense we are all volunteers - no one will be paid for their work making Airshow 2017 happen.  Some of us have vested interests though - we might be Flying Club members, we might be aircraft owners, we might run businesses at the Airport, ....  This page is to attract and acknowledge those people who do not have any vested interests but are still interested in giving time and effort to make Airshow 2017 a success!

Interested in volunteering?  Whether you can contribute a large or small amount of time all will help!  There is room for people who can do hard physical work as well as for those who can't.  We have opportunities  for individuals or groups - just let us know if you're interested.

Volunteer Coordinators Barb Hamilton (click here to email Barb) and Laurel Gerelus (click here for Laurel's email) will match volunteers and jobs.  If you as an individual or as part of a group would like to volunteer please contact them.  They will be interested in when you might help and in what ways.  Thanks!

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